Books & Other Resources

The Painless, Plan-less Grammar Guide 

Already, this guide has helped thousands of teachers to save time and create better and more powerful English grammar lessons. This easy-to-understand tool provides usable templates for teaching grammar lessons to students, from the simple basics to advanced ideas and concepts. Clear and succinct definitions and descriptions of all grammar concepts make it convenient and time-saving for teachers. Whatever skill you need to teach, it’s here in simple terms and ready to be used with your students.

Making Critical Grammar Concepts Come Alive

This book is a collection of gestures used to teach, learn, and remember the purposes of the eight parts of speech and the applications for the twelve basic verb tenses in English. The same gestures are used from kindergarten classrooms to high school settings to adult education. Get your students out of their seats and show them how grammar moves

Pre-made Grammar Wall Framework

The Grammar Wall comes in eight large pieces ready to set up in your classroom, or can be carried from classroom to classroom for coaching and support positions.

  • Included with each Grammar Wall:
  • Title placards for all eight parts of speech
  • Subcategories for the parts of speech that reflect ELD standards
  • Pre-written words to remain on the Grammar Wall (articles, pronouns, etc.)
  • Blank cards to add words
  • Instructions and tips for easy use by grade and language level
  • A set of basic syntax rules to accompany the Grammar Wall and for use during ELD methods such as Syntax Surgery